Crystol is the daughter company of Prahant Wellplus. The ultimate energy pendant is a scientifically curated pendant comprising five energies namely: Human Chakra Energy, Pyramid energy,Astro energy,Rudraksha energy,Quantum-Scalar energy.

The creation of Crystol began with the study of the gemstones and the effects they produce when inculcated in life. Thus, begin the inception of ‘The Ultimate Energy Pendant’, an amalgamation of all five energies that lead to health, wealth and happiness.

While designing the piece, it was also important to create a design worthy of its power and enchantment. Thus, this pendant is the sheer work of craftsmanship and manifesting imagination to reality.

ENERGY is the Essence of Life and even more important than TIME and MONEY; spend it wisely and manage it selfishly.


Crystol aims to connect all the people who believe in attracting as well as emitting positive energy. Through the aura of our crystals, we wish to transform the lives of people through positive vibrations and creating positive surrounding.


Crystol intend to market a globally recognised product that is not only an extravagant jewelry piece but also a substantial product that can revolutionise the lives of people. We also wish to spread the awareness and importance of positive vibrations and how helpful it can be in different areas of life.

Mind behind Crystol

Mr. Yogesh Soni has numerous businesses and ventures. Out of which, one that emphasis on spreading positive vibrations throughout the globe, is none another than CRYSTOL. After years of research and development, Mr. Yogesh Soni was successfully able to craft first piece of Crystol in January 2019. Mr. Yogesh Soni, himself strongly believes in building a HAPPY, HEALTHY, and WEALTHY life, and, through crystol, he aims to pass on his belief to all.